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Customer Reference Calls

Increase your prospects trust by allowing them to easily talk to the existing customers like them using your corporate Customer Reference Portal


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How Customer Reference Portal works

Introducing the Customer Reference Call Management Tool

Custom Cases Listings

Provide a prospect with customized listings of cases from customers like him. Showcase your transparency to gain trust.

Easy Reference  Request

Let prospect request a reference call himself and your customer to decide if he wants to talk to this person before the phone rings.

Automatic Talk Organization

Keep your focus on new deals, while reference calls are being organized by your customer portal solution.

Why Customer Reference Calls work better with us?

Quick and Easy

All case studies in one place with the ability to generate the custom list for the prospect in several clicks 

No uncomofort for the customer

No calls in non-appropriate time from the reference seekers. Always scheduled and expected. 

Decide before without the call

While selecting the person to have a call, the prospect goes through your highlights, which may convince to make the deal even without the call

You know when the call happened

Be able to track the progress of call arrangements in several clicks. Be on the top of your reference calls

No contact details sharing

No need to directly share any personal contact details of your customers. The portal solution will handle the organization itself.

Easily Manage the Case Studies listing

Be able to track the progress of call arrangements in several clicks. Be on the top of your reference calls


In Choicery we believe that prospects would gain a lot more trust in your service or product by talking with folks from companies like themselves, who have been already using your company services before.

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Customer Reference Portal

See how it looks like for our demo company Rocket Studio

Step 4

Manually followup to see how the call went and hopefully proceed to signing up the Deal


Add your happy customers cases to your Portal

Step 1

Send portal link to prospect, which showcases existing customers like him

Step 2

Let him review the list and request a talk with one or several of them

Step 3

Track how Choicery portal automatically organizes the call between them

Try reference portal in your company!


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